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AQUILA YACHTS is now working on an exclusive, innovative superyacht, 24-metre long, for customers with the highest requirements. For this purpose AQUILA YACHTS is using innovative materials and technologies it developed itself. In order to meet the customers' most extravagant demands, AQUILA YACHTS offers several dozens of versions of built-in interior furniture sets in different colours and styles from Art Deco to classic to futuristic design. The yacht structure allows customers to apply different exterior styles which best emphasize their personal aesthetic taste.

The hull shape and the rigging were refined for ultimate comfort of sailing with great seaworthy ability and at satisfying speed. Modern shape of our 24-metre long hull of sports-like look provides more space and comfort of living on a yacht comparable with 30-metre long yachts from other shipyards. The functionality and spaciousness of each room is well thought out and proven during 3D design process using three-dimensional ergonomic models. The interior is designed by yacht architects with wide experience in designing superyachts and big catamarans.



żaglowce szkolne

AQUILA YACHTS is building the Aquila-class sailing training ship. The concept of a small cruise training ship with a 24-metre long hull (the ship is 30 metres long in total) was developed by Aquila Yachts for sailing training associations (STA) and sailing schools in order to conduct a programme of full maritime training in the new times that call for greater comfort and safety of sailing. The Aquila class sailing ships, registered as training yachts, fulfil all training functions of the largest ships; they are also pleasant to navigate, have outstanding seaworthiness and are capable of going as fast as the biggest sailing ships, thereby giving sailors great satisfaction with navigating in sailing races. The Aquila class sailing ships are much cheaper to construct and operate compared to traditional sailing ships, which significantly reduces the cost of participation in the cruise and increases the profitability of such watercraft. On the basis of the training ship hull, AQUILA YACHTS has developed a design and production process of a 24 -metre long research and development sailing ship and a modern cruising sailing ship.

żaglowce szkolne żaglowce szkolne żaglowce szkolne

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The 36-metre long, four-deck composite sailing catamaran to be made of polymer composites is the work of both AQUILA YACHTS and CHOREN DESIGN & CONSULTING. Modern, integrated composites structure of allows the catamaran hulls to be joined thanks to innovative original technology of mobile sectional forms and new composite technology. The catamaran was designed not only for oceanic cruises and very comfortable holidays anywhere in the world but also as a place for conferences and business meetings. Its bottom was specifically reinforced in order to reach the shore safely; it was also equipped with helicopter landing pad providing endless possibilities to use the yacht with maximum comfort. Two stern bathing decks will make the recreation in the water and the use of various human powered vessels (at the same time) more pleasant. AQUILA YACHTS builds its steel yacht with lifted keel for sailing in the Arctic waters based on modern production technologies and experience gained in designing and building yachts and large ships sailing in the Arctic. In response to the Vistula River sailing revitalization programme, the shipyard developed self-propelled barque system, which allows travellers to easily step down from the shallow to river bank on their own. On the basis of this innovative project, AQUILA YACHTS is capable of designing other river ships equipped with this system, such as passenger or special purpose ships. AQUILA YACHTS makes use of design and technology experience developed by PSR, a company that does not exist anymore, during the construction of numerous barques and pushers sailing on the rivers of Western Europe. AQUILA YACHTS has the shipbuilding potential and the quayside, therefore it is able to build inland and naval ships up to 70 metres in length.

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