We have extensive design, shipbuilding and operating experience acquired during many projects, including:
- designing and constructing masts and rigs of 144 metre long, the world's largest sailing ship ROYAL CLIPPER, 66-metre long MARY ANNE barquentine, 46-meter long LE PETIT PRINCE schooner and 42-meter long CHOPIN the largest inland sailing ship;
- making changes in the shapes of hulls of yachts from 15 to 34 metres to improve their nautical properties;
- designing general plans and construction projects regarding many ships up to 180 metres in length;
- designing preliminary, conceptual and study projects regarding many ships and yachts;
- converting fishing boats into passenger ships and sports fishing watercraft;
- designing and constructing mechanical, hydraulic and electric installations for yachts up to 42 metres in length.

Furthermore, we have executed numerous projects regarding sailing and motor yachts as well as houseboats. We have supervised the construction of other watercraft, prepared expert opinions and carried out stability tests. We have gained our experience over several dozen of years of intensive racing and tourist sailing.

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